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22 January 2014

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Renewable Energy Certificates

We are one of the largest independent aggregator's of Renewable Energy Certificates offering fast processing and prompt payment for your RECs. Whether you are a homeowner who has decided to install a solar product on your own home, an independent plumber/electrician or a National solar retailer we can help.  Wherever you are throughout Australia our internet based service means distance is no longer a barrier to getting the best service and the best price for your RECs.


Significant changes are now required by the Australian Tax Office to ensure that GST on the sale of solar products to "GST Registered property owners" are adhered to correctly.  Click here to view ATO approved processes.  Please note these details are also found on the REC Agents' Association website.

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CURRENT SPOT PRICE FOR SRECs (effective 5pm 11th April 2014):
Solar Hot Water 
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* Price subject to change without notice
CURRENT PRICE FOR VEECS  16.00*      (if you have pre-registered VEECs please contact us for price)


* Indicative only - price subject to change without

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

The Owner of an eligible solar or heat pump water heater or electricity generating system may qualify under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 to create or assign the right to create Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for the installation within Australia and her territories. RECs exist electronically in an internet based registry managed by the Clean Energy Regulator. In the context of solar or heat pump water heaters, each REC represents 1MWh of non-renewable energy displaced. RECs have a value determined by the market in which they may be traded.

Why Does This Matter?

The RET (Renewable Energy Target) scheme established by the Australian government is a comprehensive plan to ensure at least 20% of all electricity comes from renewable energy sources by 2020. Energy companies risk being hit with large penalties if they don’t purchase sufficient RECs to offset their non-renewable energy production each year.

Common renewable energy sources include solar PV systems, solar hot water systems, and wind turbines. Each megawatt hour of electricity generated represents one REC which can then be bought and sold on the energy trading market.

What Benefits Do RECs Bring?

Perhaps the most significant advantage that RECs bring is they indirectly benefit the environment by offsetting the environmental effects of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources generate clean and renewable electricity that help contribute to a cleaner future.

Homeowners with solar power installations benefit with reduced energy costs and the ability to sell their RECs for a monetary payment. These RECs help support the country’s renewable energy targets and also drives investments in clean technology.

How RECs Can Be Claimed

RECs offer numerous incentives for homeowners and solar installers. These certificates can be claimed by submitting the appropriate forms but the process can often be time consuming and confusing. Our experience in the industry gives us a major advantage to deliver efficient and effective services to meet your needs.

The renewable energy market is complex for those unfamiliar with the industry and prices constantly fluctuate depending on marketing conditions. We have dedicated staff who work closely with the Clean Energy Regulator and Essential Services Commission to process RECs and VEECs.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, contact us today as our staff are here to help.

Services For Solar Installers

     We offer fixed “spot” pricing for RECs for independent traders and solar installers. The price we quote is exactly what you get. We do not charge processing or administration fees for our services.

     We can process REC certificates and “hold” them for customers to be sold at a later date

     We will even provide regular status updates on your RECs.

Visit our downloads page for the appropriate assignment forms whether you are an installer or a retailer.

Services For Homeowners/Property Owners

The process is simple. We can process the appropriate forms so you can claim your RECs and receive payment directly into your bank account. The price you are quoted is exactly what you will receive. We do not charge administrative or processing fees for the services we provide, they are built into our advertised spot prices.

Click here to download the appropriate assignment forms.

Claiming RECs

Download the appropriate assignment forms and complete the details. All information is provided on the form but feel free to contact our staff for assistance if you have any questions.

After completion, email or post the completed application form along with a:

     Copy of the electrical safety certificates or Completion Notice

     Copy of the solar power system invoice

     Copy of the rates notice for your property

Why Choose RET Australia

RET Australia staff have been involved in the solar industry for over two decades and have vast experience in the environmental commodity trading business. Our company offers fast processing and prompt payment for your Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Victorian Energy Efficient Certificates (VEECs).

We are registered members of the following industry groups:

     Clean Energy Council

     Australian Solar Energy Society

     National Electrical Communications Association

     REC Agents Association

We are also registered agents with the following government bodies:

     Clean Energy Regulator

     Essential Services Commission

Registration for these organisations demonstrates our commitment to competence in the industry. As one of the leading REC traders in Australia, we provide transparent services our clients can trust. Our long standing reputation allows us to provide a truly superb level of customer assistance and support.

Our dedicated team is fully equipped to process RECs and VEECs in a timely manner. As one of the leading REC aggregators/agents in Australia, we are committed to delivering exceptional levels of service, competitive pricing, and prompt payment for doing business with us.

Whether you are a solar installer in the industry or a homeowner considering installing a renewable energy system, we can customise packages to individual customer needs.

Contact us today for more details about our services or any questions related to RECs and VEECs.

Our team is here to help.

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